Why These Wines

Since we began selling our wines just a little over a year ago, I have given a lot thought as to why people outside of our family should drink these bottles. Because—as you likely know—we only began making these wines for ourselves and our kids, so we are still getting used to the idea that our bottles travel beyond the reach of our direct blood line.

In the beginning, the wines of ARIYA and SOREN functioned as real-life horcruxes—bottles into which we poured our souls to capture a special moment of time we sought to make immortal. And eventually, in the act of sharing these wines with others, we have spread this spirit and brought others into the fold to help us celebrate and honor these hallmarks of our lives—to take part and recognize that their own stories rest inside of these wines as well. While our journey as parents is not singular, it certainly is unique. Conversely, crafting wines is not a singular enterprise, but the wines we make are unique, and we share them as the vinous equivalents of parents telling tales of their children amongst friends. We worry a bit, guide them as best we can without robbing them of their stories, and then we let them adventure out, trusting that what we have created is special and possesses its own magic worthy of discovery and wonder. It was this way with those first bottles made for the kids, and it has not changed one bit with each wine since—and I hope those feelings never go away.

So back to the questions: Why should others drink these wines? What does being a part of our tradition really mean? Why should anyone care?

Over time, I have managed to settle on a few things that ring true to me, leading me to feel like our wines are indeed something that can add to the color in the mosaic of other peoples’ lives. We often talk about songs that function as the soundtrack of our experiences, and wines have the same capacity to deepen our experiences. Special wines possess the power to flood the channels of our memory when they find us, just as we are, and mark moments that matter with sip after sip of deliciousness.

So why these wines? Being that this will be our seventh year making wine, I limited myself to just seven reasons why drinking our wines is good for you and your life.

It’s Personal, Not Business
The wines began as a gift to my wife and my unborn children—I mean, how can it not be personal? Wine is not just a beverage; it’s an experience that connects us to the stories behind each bottle. Puppione Family Wines is all about family, tradition, and heritage. We crafted these wines as an ode to our loved ones—both future and past. Knowing our stories helps people feel the warmth of tradition and the embrace of heritage in every glass. It’s like having a little piece of our world right in your hands.

This is Fun, Dammit
But really, it is. How could you not enjoy drinking a wine that you know was made by people dancing in a bin full of gorgeous grapes with their kids? From the unique varieties to the non-traditional blends, drinking these wines is the culmination of a joyous act of creativity. These wines are at home on tables of white linen or the bench on your backyard deck. We like to say they are seriously playful—you can nerd out on them if you want, but either way you will have fun taking them in.

Hit That Versatile Vibe
Imagine a wine that jives harmoniously with your favorite dishes. Our wines are incredibly versatile, making them beautiful partners for any culinary adventure. Wood-fired pizza, Baltimore-style crab cakes, burgers smashed up in duck fat, or smoky lentil vegan street tacos—these wines will elevate every bite.

Pretty Little Things
There are the stories behind the wines, and then there are the tasty wines inside the bottles, but we see the bottles themselves as tiny, impactful works of art. Each wine’s name, the intricate artwork and thoughtful color scheme of the labels, and the etchings on the corks—all of these come together to form elegant and inviting bottles, making them the perfect addition to any wine collection or dinner table. Display them proudly—allow them to spark conversations. These bottles are more than just containers; they are a visual delight that adds an extra touch of magic to your wine experience.

A Sip of Exclusivity
Our wines are crafted on an incredibly small scale, and in drinking them, you become part of an exclusive club who has discovered something special. Take our wines with you to the restaurant or to a friend’s dinner party—tell them your Puppione Family Wines story and see how the bottle you bring conjures up intrigue among the others assembled. You are in on the secret—and thank you for being here with us.

Nature’s Embrace
There’s something enchanting about connecting with nature through wine. Crafted with care and using grapes farmed using organic and biodynamic principles, these wines embody the essence of the land and its bountiful gifts. In the cellar, we stand back and give these wines space to express themselves with honesty and integrity as our guideposts. As such, with every sip of our wines, you can taste the true essence of the vineyard and vintage.

Shared Moments, Lasting Memories
At the end of the day, wine is all about creating moments and memories with the people we cherish. Puppione Family Wines are the catalyst for unforgettable shared experiences. Whether you’re toasting to milestones, enjoying intimate gatherings, or simply relishing the joy of being alive, these wines effortlessly accent every moment. They bring people together, creating community in an instant, and leave a lasting imprint.

Ultimately, a wine—like any movie, story or painting—needs an audience to fulfill its purpose. It needs to be seen, held, smelled, tasted and enjoyed to be all that we hope it will be, which makes your role as part of our community incredibly important. We are so grateful for all of you who have supported us and brought our wines to their full measure on your tables and in your glasses. Share them, don’t share them, but please drink them. We appreciate you.

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